Eva Fenz

1985, Vienna

Fenz is a Vienna based painter, Zine maker and independent web-based entrepreneur.

She has studied Theatre Arts and Sociology at Vienna University. Fenz also worked in independent theatrical work, wrote children´s plays and worked as stage director and stage designer.

Since 2018 she started to work as an independent artist focusing on painting, portrait painting
and Zine making. In 2019 she self-published two Zines featuring her works and story writing.
Her Zine "Vegetable Needs" has been written in English and German language and contains her short-stories and watercolor works revolving around food.

In 2021 she started to work primarily in Lino Print-Making and Acrylics.

Fenz is currently working on her solo exhibition "Unset in Stone" in Vienna, Nelkengasse 8 which opens on the 28 of May 2021.